Skip The Resolution


40-45% of adult Americans make New Years resolutions every year.

The most popular resolution is to lose weight, and only 46% of people last more than six months.

In the month of January, gym memberships sky rocket and by the time December rolls around again the gym is a bleak and quiet place once again. As a culture, how do we stick to our goals and not continue to fail at our resolutions year after year?

Let’s make our goals as specific and realistic as possible. If your overarching goal is to lose weight, what is a more specific, simple, step to reaching that goal that you can start out the year with? Let’s say it is committing to one 30 min workout a week. This is much more realistic than saying, “I will work out every day until I hit my goal weight.” We are treating this year like a marathon not a sprint.

Once you have gone a whole month getting in your workouts you are going to have seen some small results and feel confident and motivated to move on to the next step in your journey. As opposed to making unrealistic claims, not being able to achieve them and feeling guilty and useless. This will probably lead to giving up before the journey really began.

Stop focusing on the weight and start focusing on being healthy. When I started my journey, I lost a bunch of weight and gained it all back, but in muscle. If I were still focused on my number I would probably be making unhealthy choices to get it off. Instead of a resolution which states,”I will lose 60lbs this year.” How about one that says,” over the course of this year I will change 5 unhealthy habits”. By focusing on the habits, the weight will fall of naturally and you will be more likely to be in a healthy state of mind.

Do some research before you make a commitment to anything. Get educated on good nutrition and workout habits. You will get better results from the quality of your new choices, not the quantity.

If you only take one thing from this ramble, think health first and numbers second.


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